PE wax china supplier

PE wax china supplier

Pitaris factory is a manufacturer and supplier PE wax (polyethylene wax), which has a special activity in the field of supplying PE wax china for Chinese industries.

Polyethylene wax, PE Wax china Due to the size consumption of China’s industry, PE wax supply is important for China. You can get more information from authorized dealers or ask us.  you can check the technical information and projects inside the site

The goal of Pitaris company is to provide the right PE wax to the customer’s needs and to create a strong network of traders in this industry

PE wax

Polyethylene wax is a ultra low molecular weight polyethylene based on ethylene monomer china.
Primarily its available as by-product from polymerization of crude oil cracking into ethylene and categorized into LDPE wax and HDPE wax accordingly and further on-purpose modified with specific required values including oxidized waxes as well.
It has large variety of applications to improve processing and uses. Global demand of PE Wax is continuously increasing and FT wax has also played very good role in some applications as PE Wax alternative.
It is important to mention that different practices are being carried out to obtain PE Wax from PE scraps to cop up with price issues and an alternative channel to obtain scrap wax specially when petrochemicals focus on obtaining final PE product instead of any by-product.
China is largest user of waxes in the world and recent Crona virus attack has set back their economy that can impact a lot on related industry worldwide.

PE wax application

PE wax (Polyethylene wax) has special properties and is used in various industries that play an additive role and improve performance.

  • Inks
  • Paint
  • Engineering Plastic (Composites)
  • Masterbatch
  • PVC extrusion
  • lubrication
  • Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Additives and stabilizers
  • Polishes
  • processing

Pitaris PE wax china

Pitaris Company is a manufacturer of various types of PE wax (Polyethylene wax), OPE wax( oxidized Polyethylene wax) which is produced with high density HDPE and low density LDPE according to the standard of technical sheets TDS

Pitaris is a manufacturer of PE wax in the Middle East and its focus is on the East Asian market distribution  and supply network, Quality and price , Communication route and low shipping cost are our other advantages.

One of the best-selling special product is the PE wax grade LP105 , which is an HDPE wax which makes it possible to compete in terms of quality and price. and with good experience we offer to trade


PE wax LP105

The appearance of this product is flake thin and shiny
Packed in bags of 25 kg in BOPP

To contact us and inquire, refer to the email or WhatsApp

Best pe wax for rubber distribution center

The other name of the pe wax is the polymer wax or the polyethylene wax. This material is strong against the heat, the cold & chemical materials & reactions. Also, they are strong against the abrasion because of that most of the suppliers are using the pe wax for rubber. In this article, I’m going to talk about it more. 

Best pe wax for rubber distribution center

Shopping centers for Pe wax for rubber

Shopping centers for Pe wax for rubber The pe wax usage is a lot. Most of the pe wax are very good in the physical & chemical properties because of that most of the suppliers are using them in different industries. As you know, we have different kinds of pe wax: the LDPE, HDPE & MDPE. Most of the suppliers are using the LDPE wax for producing the plastic materials like the devices in the kitchen & food industrials. People are using these wax for making the plastic devices & plastic bags, too. HDPE wax are using to produce the milk & liquide dishes & other kinds of plastic dishes. MDPE are using for producing the connection pipes. The plastics & pipes that are making with the LDPE are very flexible & strong. The other usages of these pe waxes are in the rubber industries. These waxes are very strong against the abrasion, cold, heat & the other problems. Because of that these pe waxes are using in making the rubbers for our machines. So, you can the rubber of the machines in every situations. 

Where to buy cheap pe wax for rubber

Where to buy cheap pe wax for rubber relating to the previous section, we can buy the pe wax from the chemical shops & sites. There are some sites that are going to sell the pe wax to their customers. Also, there are pe wax sellers around the world in different cities. These sellers can sell you the pe wax in wholesale. The price of these pe waxes are very cheap but they have high quality. On the other hand, the sites are selling these waxes in different prices. But they have a big discount on the special events. In these days, they have a fig discount on their products. if you are going to buy your products from these sites, you can save your money. Also, some sites have the delivery services around the world that can send your order in front of your houses & then you can pay the money. You can use these pe waxes in different industrials & materials because of that the pe wax is the main material in the factories.