PE wax china supplier

PE wax china supplier

Pitaris factory is a manufacturer and supplier PE wax (polyethylene wax), which has a special activity in the field of supplying PE wax china for Chinese industries.

Polyethylene wax, PE Wax china Due to the size consumption of China’s industry, PE wax supply is important for China. You can get more information from authorized dealers or ask us.  you can check the technical information and projects inside the site

The goal of Pitaris company is to provide the right PE wax to the customer’s needs and to create a strong network of traders in this industry

PE wax

Polyethylene wax is a ultra low molecular weight polyethylene based on ethylene monomer china.
Primarily its available as by-product from polymerization of crude oil cracking into ethylene and categorized into LDPE wax and HDPE wax accordingly and further on-purpose modified with specific required values including oxidized waxes as well.
It has large variety of applications to improve processing and uses. Global demand of PE Wax is continuously increasing and FT wax has also played very good role in some applications as PE Wax alternative.
It is important to mention that different practices are being carried out to obtain PE Wax from PE scraps to cop up with price issues and an alternative channel to obtain scrap wax specially when petrochemicals focus on obtaining final PE product instead of any by-product.
China is largest user of waxes in the world and recent Crona virus attack has set back their economy that can impact a lot on related industry worldwide.

PE wax application

PE wax (Polyethylene wax) has special properties and is used in various industries that play an additive role and improve performance.

  • Inks
  • Paint
  • Engineering Plastic (Composites)
  • Masterbatch
  • PVC extrusion
  • lubrication
  • Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Additives and stabilizers
  • Polishes
  • processing

Pitaris PE wax china

Pitaris Company is a manufacturer of various types of PE wax (Polyethylene wax), OPE wax( oxidized Polyethylene wax) which is produced with high density HDPE and low density LDPE according to the standard of technical sheets TDS

Pitaris is a manufacturer of PE wax in the Middle East and its focus is on the East Asian market distribution  and supply network, Quality and price , Communication route and low shipping cost are our other advantages.

One of the best-selling special product is the PE wax grade LP105 , which is an HDPE wax which makes it possible to compete in terms of quality and price. and with good experience we offer to trade


PE wax LP105

The appearance of this product is flake thin and shiny
Packed in bags of 25 kg in BOPP

To contact us and inquire, refer to the email or WhatsApp

Best PE Wax TDS for Traders

The sellers of pe wax tds offer their products in the appropriate and stylish packaging and offer their products in the best way in the market, and by placing discounts and special conditions for buying this product, they attract customers and satisfy them when buying a PE wax. To buy PE wax types, you can go to online stores that work in this field and order products with high quality and reasonable prices and have them delivered to your door. 

Best PE Wax TDS for Traders

Where to use pe wax tds?

Where to use pe wax tds? The best PE wax brand can be found by looking at the specifications and raw materials used in different products. Pe wax manufacturers who use the best fibers in their PE wax production have a higher quality and market themselves with beautiful and elegant polyethylene wax packaging and have been able to become a reputable brand in this field. To have a good PE wax, we need to consider the important features of buying PE wax.

PE wax packaging is also an important feature. Wholesale PE wax quality is best done by factory dealers who produce the best quality PE wax and the best packaging. By offering a variety of PE wax, these agencies are trying to meet the needs of all segments of society so they can eliminate the domestic market of PE wax imports. Also, the wholesale sale of PE wax is done with the best quality by online stores that sell PE wax directly, and we deliver the PE wax to home buyers. 

Which Asian countries have best pe waxes for sale?

Which Asian countries have best pe waxes for sale? We sell quality PE wax types in markets across the country. Because of their good quality and good polyethylene wax price, this PE wax has attracted the attention of many buyers and has made buyers eager to buy this PE wax with the right quality and price. Also, quality PE wax types are sold in online stores. This store offers discounts and special conditions for sale to invite customers to buy their PE wax online.

Purchasing PE wax types is done at the best prices from manufacturers all over the country. Buyers of this PE wax can also visit the official sales sites of these manufacturers to see their products and see the quality and various models to buy a PE wax at the production price and directly and without intermediaries through production. Another advantage of this purchase is the immediate and free delivery of PE wax. 

 The price list of PE wax types can be obtained by visiting the sales agents of these products all over the country. To buy a PE wax at a reasonable price, you can offer this product directly from the factory through the online store, and they are responsible for the immediate sale of this PE wax. Another advantage of online shopping is that you don’t have to travel to and from the PE wax market, and you can order this PE wax online at home and have it delivered to your door.

Best quality pe wax tds sellers

Before you learn about pe wax tds, you need to know what it is and how it is made. In terms of lubrication, pe wax tds is divided into three stages heat absorption (starting the mixing process), mixing process, melt flow (after the mixing stage) and of course are divided into two categories: internal and external. The lubricating effect changes significantly during the process, in the transition from the starting stage of mixing where the rate of heat production is important to the mixing process in which the granular particles of the resin are converted to molten flow.

Best quality pe wax tds sellers

Best quality pe wax tds types

Best quality pe wax tds types As you know, most businesses have a framework and standards of work that those who do these businesses adhere to and try to match them accurately with their work because it will improve the person. Pe wax is generally used for lubrication. In general, the function of internal and external pex wax is as follows

  • External: Delays the mixing of materials and reduces the adhesion of molten material to the surface of parts and tanks.
  • Internal: Improves mixing and reduces viscosity of molten flow.

The use of PE Wax Datasheet additives such as antistatic and separating agents increases the complexity of the internal and external terminology. In this paper, internal factors are the factors that are added to the resin before the process, and external factors are the factors that are added to the final product level or mold levels after the process. In the following, each of the steps of heat absorption, mixing process and melt flow is investigated.

The heat required to melt the resin is provided by thermal conduction (through the surfaces of walls and parts) and friction (during the transfer and compression of the resin inside the extruder chamber). Heat transfer through conduction is slow and not sufficient for large-scale production, and friction can be said to be the main source of heat produced.

Famous distributors for pe wax tds

Famous distributors for pe wax tds For any business that is related to the supply of a commodity, those who buy and sell the commodity in bulk, or so-called distributors, are the main condition for the price trend in the market. Therefore, Famous distributors for pe wax tds play a very important role in the market for buying and selling pe wax tds.

The amount of heat generated by friction is controlled by the Polyethylene waxes. This heat must be generated quickly, but the heat generated must not be so high that it exceeds the resin degradation temperature. The primary source of heat is the friction of the resin grains that come in contact with the hot surfaces of the extruder and stick to it.

These grains then become soft and sticky, causing the rest of the resins to stick together, resulting in increased shear stress in this area. Increased shear stress leads to a rapid rise in temperature and the molten resin masses are transferred along the extruder chamber. In the meantime, if the lubrication is insufficient, they will stick to the surfaces, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the resin.