Famous pe wax additive distributors

Polyethylene wax or pe wax additive is a colorless, clear, crystalline solid. Heavy wax polyethylene has a linear structure and is produced with really low and medium pressure. Due to its lubricating properties, polyethylene separates molten metal, and the surface lubricates the surface between the metal and PVC, and also has a special effect on the gloss of the product. if you want to know about pe wax use, and pe wax emulsion; stay with us.  

Famous pe wax additive distributors

What is pe wax additive different types?

What is pe wax additive different types? Polyethylene wax is usually produced in two types, emulsion and non-emulsion. The difference between the two types is in their molecular mass and their molecular mass is between 2000 and 4000. Polyethylene wax has less resistance and flexibility than other polyethylene, but its resistance to chemicals and brittle environmental stresses is high.  

This type of polyethylene wax is the most widely used type of polyethylene in the world. It can act as a diffuser and activator in polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS. As mentioned, this material is used in PVC as an external lubricant. Polyethylene wax is purer than other polyethylene and performs better due to its molecular mass and uniform melting point. As a result, using this material during the extrusion process increases the production rate by about 30%. Another type of polyethylene wax is obtained by breaking the linear polyethylene molecular chain. These materials are produced with high purity and narrow chain length distribution. In this method, after the production of wax from polyethylene in the complementary process, polar groups react with wax chains and produce polar wax, which is used in various industries of paint, polymer and veneer. Another of its most widely used uses is the production of polyethylene wax emulsions, which are very economical.  

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Best pe wax additive distributors The use of this material in the polishing of wooden floors, which is to protect the floors, dates back many years. The polyethylene wax in the polish slows down the infiltration of air and moisture into the flooring, thus prolonging the life of the flooring and making it wear out later. Oral polyethylene wax is used to polish all kinds of fruits and citrus fruits. The substance is sprayed on the fruit to give it a better appearance and prevent it from oxidizing. It is also added to some cheeses to prevent them from drying out. Oral waxes are also used in crayons and because they are non-toxic, they are not dangerous to consumers, especially children. Consumption of this material is not bad for humans.