Supplier PE wax in Turkey

Supplier PE wax in Turkey

PTA  PE wax is polyethylene homopolymer wax, an excellent and consistent ingredient for end formulations to improve product physical appearance and thermal properties for a broad range of industries, including hot melt adhesives, PVC, color masterbatches, rubber and thermoplastics road markings, etc.

Pitaris the manufacturer of all kinds of PE wax supplies its products to Turkey and is ready to cooperate and offer products with the best quality and price to the Middle East.

How are PE wax made?

There are a variety of methods for producing PE wax. Polyethylene wax can be made by direct polymerization of ethylene under special conditions that control molecular weight and branching of the polymer. Another method involves breaking down high molecular weight polyethylene resin into lower molecular weight fractions. A third method involves separation of the low molecular weight fraction from a production stream of high molecular weight polymer. These last two methods produce very low molecular weight fractions that should be removed to avoid a product with low flash point that can result in flammability, migration and other safety issues.

Type of PE wax in Turkey

Pitaris PE wax products are generally divided into three categories:

  • Non-polar polyethylene wax (PE wax)
  • Oxidized polyethylene wax (OPE wax)
  • Polyethylene wax emulsion

For more information about this product and to view its technical data sheet, please refer to the section products

High quality PE wax in Turkey

PE wax have a great variety due to their consumption and use in different industries and it is mentioned as an important additive in the industry and we always recommend this product according to the consumption and needs of each industry.

we produce and offer our products according to international standards(ASTM) and technical sheets
Oxidized polyethylene wax has a higher quality, productivity and efficiency due to its process properties, but we always try to offer the best quality at the best price together and pursue the ability to PE wax cost-effective so that we can reach all customers.

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pe wax direct manufacturers

Pe  Wax is a plastic side-effect that is reasonable for different applications including cement, plastic, flame, elastic, and covering industry.

pe wax

What is pe wax usage?

Application of  polyethylene wax:

  • Polyethylene wax is used as a waterproofing agent in the production of wood composite boards such as MDF, chipboard, OSB boards and other wood products.
  • Polyethylene wax is used in making different types of candles. There are different types of candles, and today candles are not just used for lighting. Many of the candles that are produced have a decorative aspect.
  • Polyethylene wax is used to produce chlorinated paraffin, which is a flame retardant and inhibitor in PVC pipes. It is also used in metalworking liquids and other lubricants.
  • Polyethylene wax is one of the main and important materials of rubber tires and is used to protect tires and prevent cracking in various types of tires.
  • This material creates a protective layer between the rubber surface and the air.
  • The use of this material in the polishing of wooden floors, which is to protect the floors, dates back many years. The polyethylene wax in the polish slows down the infiltration of air and moisture into the flooring, thus prolonging the life of the flooring and making it wear out later.

pe was buyers usually tend to buy high-quality pe wax which is available in different markets.

Find best pe was manufacturers

pe waxIt is convenient to find extraordinary pe wax pieces suppliers considering the way that there are different sqi pe wax providers. you search on the web to find one of those suppliers. regardless, in case you are going to buy wax pieces, you may need to consider certain features of pe wax and pe wax employments. Polyethylene wax can be either low thickness polyethylene (LDPE) or high thickness polyethylene (HDPE). Taking everything into account, HDPE will with everything taken into account be logically thick and crystalline, so you could see the two in the event that you have a system for picking these properties. Adventitiously, you can utilize different methods to perceive PE wax from different materials; sight, contact, smell, and so on. This wax takes after plastic sheets. It is a semi-translucent yellow material. It has a radiance surface. On the off chance that you cut the material, there are neither sullying impacts nor any fragment.

The material has oil properties, which you can feel by contact. At room temperature, PE wax is weak and delicate. This isn’t average for a phony variety, which is fierce and smooth. 

On the off chance that you need to test the material, think about frothing it in water for five minutes. Authentic PE wax doesn’t change fit as a fiddle. On the off chance that the wax contains paraffin or some other defiling sway, you will know it through shape change.