Supplier PE wax in Turkey

Supplier PE wax in Turkey

PTA  PE wax is polyethylene homopolymer wax, an excellent and consistent ingredient for end formulations to improve product physical appearance and thermal properties for a broad range of industries, including hot melt adhesives, PVC, color masterbatches, rubber and thermoplastics road markings, etc.

Pitaris the manufacturer of all kinds of PE wax supplies its products to Turkey and is ready to cooperate and offer products with the best quality and price to the Middle East.

How are PE wax made?

There are a variety of methods for producing PE wax. Polyethylene wax can be made by direct polymerization of ethylene under special conditions that control molecular weight and branching of the polymer. Another method involves breaking down high molecular weight polyethylene resin into lower molecular weight fractions. A third method involves separation of the low molecular weight fraction from a production stream of high molecular weight polymer. These last two methods produce very low molecular weight fractions that should be removed to avoid a product with low flash point that can result in flammability, migration and other safety issues.

Type of PE wax in Turkey

Pitaris PE wax products are generally divided into three categories:

  • Non-polar polyethylene wax (PE wax)
  • Oxidized polyethylene wax (OPE wax)
  • Polyethylene wax emulsion

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High quality PE wax in Turkey

PE wax have a great variety due to their consumption and use in different industries and it is mentioned as an important additive in the industry and we always recommend this product according to the consumption and needs of each industry.

we produce and offer our products according to international standards(ASTM) and technical sheets
Oxidized polyethylene wax has a higher quality, productivity and efficiency due to its process properties, but we always try to offer the best quality at the best price together and pursue the ability to PE wax cost-effective so that we can reach all customers.

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Pe Wax Price in Turkey

Pe Wax Price range it depends on the chemical properties and the application of the product , Pe Wax has a wide range of viscosity and density, which is made of heavy polyethylene and light polyethylene.

to select the product and view more information, please ask us to provide you with the relevant catalogs and advice in this regard.

What is Pe Wax?

Pe Wax or Polyethylene Wax Made of polyethylene HDPE and LDPE along with other additives to create products with unique properties.

Pe Wax  are produced by one of three methods:

  1. Direct polymerization of ethylene
  2. Thermal degradation of the high molecular weight polyethylene resin
  3. Recovery of low molecular weight fractions of high molecular weight production of the resin

Pe Wax application in Turkey

Pe Wax or Polyethylene Wax depending on the chemical properties, widely used in industry

Application are as follow:

  • In the processing types of holt-melting adhesive.
  • It is lubricant for the processing of PVC.
  • Improving the hardness of the plastic, smoothing of the surface, and high degree of plasticization.
  • Color of masterbatch.
  • Used for dispersing and quality printing inks.
  • PVC Compounding
  • Polish
  • Cable filing

Pe Wax price range in Turkey

Pitaris an experienced factory in the field of production types of Pe Wax and polymer additives,including Pe Wax( Polyethylene Wax ) , Oxidized Pe Wax and Emulsion Wax ,it has the ability to offer a wide variety of Pe Wax grade.

We sell quality Pe Wax types in markets across the Asia. Because of their good quality and good Pe Wax price, this Pe Wax has attracted the attention of many buyers and has made buyers eager to buy this PE wax with the right quality and price.

Pitaris is supplier of Pe Wax is possible to export products directly to other countries and Turkey,Pe Wax price list of different types can be prepared by contacting the sales agents of these products.

To buy a Pe Wax at a reasonable price, you can by visiting the profile and catalog company, select the products you want and send us your request so that you can be consulted to choose the best type of Pe Wax price.

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Wholesale Price for pe wax Korea

Polyethylene (PE) wax is a sort of fabricated wax sifted through by ethylene polymerization and is nontoxic, hard, and white. PE waxes are open as pellets, pieces , and powder. This factor is read to drive energy for polyethylene wax for covering application regions.If you are searching for the top gathering of pe wax india can be an amazing choice to be arranged as the top makes of pe wax. You can without much of a stretch discover pe wax korea by visiting differet shopes.

Bese suppliers of pe wax korea

It is convinient to discover uncommon pe wax pieces merchants in korea  considering the route that there are diverse pe wax providers in korea you search on the web to discover one of those providers. in any case, in the event that you are going to purchase wax pieces you may need to consider certain highlights of pe wax and pe wax occupations. Polyethylene wax can be either low thickness polyethylene (LDPE) or high thickness polyethylene (HDPE). Considering, HDPE will everything considered be persistently thick and crystalline, so you could see the two if you have a philosophy for picking these properties. Accidentally, you can use various techniques to see PE wax from various materials; sight, contact, smell, etc. This wax takes after plastic sheets. It is a semi-translucent yellow material. It has a brilliance surface. If you cut the material, there are neither dirtying impacts nor any segment.

The material has oil properties, which you can feel by contact. At room temperature, PE wax is fragile and sensitive. This isn’t standard for a fake assortment, which is furious and smooth. 

Iyou need to test the material, consider foaming it in water for five minutes. Certifiable PE wax doesn’t change perfectly healthy. If the wax contains paraffin or some other corrupting impact, you will know it through shape change. You can get to know about pe wax prices and pe wax korea manufacturers by searching about polyethylene wax korea on the internet.

Price List of pe wax korea

Prices of pe wax korea are different based on their qualities and different functions. The more application pex wax have,the more expensive it will be. Prices of pe wax can be high because of its numerous applications.

Here are some applications of pe wax:

  • Production of plastic and infusion items
  •  Packaging of nourishment and dairy items
  •  Production of water and sewage funnels and gas pressure pipes
  • Polyethylene wax is utilized as a waterproofing operator in the creation of wood composite sheets, for example, MDF, chipboard, OSB sheets and other wood items.
  • Polyethylene wax is utilized in making various kinds of candles. There are various kinds of candles, and today candles are not simply utilized for lighting. A significant number of the candles that are delivered have an ornamental angle.
  • Polyethylene wax is utilized to create chlorinated paraffin, which is a fire resistant and inhibitor in PVC pipes. It is likewise utilized in metalworking fluids and different oils.