Buy Cheap Paraffin Wax in Turkey

Waxes are hydrocarbons extracted from crude oil. The presence of valuable chemical compounds, such as normal paraffin wax, attracts the attention of every chemist. Using chemical reactions, valuable materials can be obtained that can be used in various industries.

Buy Cheap Paraffin Wax in Turkey

Turkish Paraffin Wax Manufacturers in 2020

Turkish Paraffin Wax Manufacturers in 2020 There are different types of paraffin and they are used in the food industry, cosmetic products and industrial products. Paraffin is available in light and heavy types, jelly kinds of paraffin, crystal kinds of paraffin, etc., and each of them has a different market and prices due to various applications. For example, the price of candle paraffin in the consumer market is about 8 thousand tomans per kilo. Starts. The paraffin used in candle making must have an oil content of 3 to 5 percent or the paraffin used to produce jelly candles must be of the jelly type. The price of candle paraffin in the Iranian market The candle paraffin market in the country is booming. This type of paraffin is marketed in specific Asian paraffin wax packages, and it is obvious that the wholesale price of candle paraffin is more affordable for manufacturers.

Biggest Importers of paraffin wax in the world

Biggest Importers of paraffin wax in the world Several well-known and branded companies distribute candle paraffin in Tehran and send it to other cities. These companies are either the producers of this product, that is, they get this product directly in their factories through oiling and oil analysis. The main buyers of this product are from its manufacturing factories, which sell or export in bulk after buying and packing them. The purchase is done by ordering and delivering the door of the house or buying in person and delivering the shop door to the customer.
 in the country buy paraffin wax manufacturers who produce candles themselves or those who buy this product mainly and try to retail in any case if paraffin from a reputable brand and owner It is a name that meets the existing standards, such as the appropriate percentage of oil for candle paraffin. These products are sold quickly in the domestic consumer market and are well received. it is necessary to provide raw materials including paraffin and wax used from a reputable brand and reputable distribution centers, which has the ability to return inappropriate goods and payments. Today, due to the interest of people in the field of luxury and the use of candle decorations, there has been a Turkish paraffin wax growth, and by its very nature, the raw materials for this work also have a good consumer market.