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xlpe black for cable

Cross-linked polyethylene, which is said xlpe to be made of polyethylene, is based on linear light density polyethylene LLDPE and heavy density polyethylene. An obvious xlpe feature is the increase in mechanical and thermal properties compared to polyethylene. This process turns polyethylene into cross-linked polyethylene It greatly increases its mechanical properties and temperature tolerance so […]

PE wax suppliers in Vietnam

The biggest problem for plastic manufacturers is injection. The problem is usually the lack of injection of the full form due to the lack of adhesion of the device The supply of polyethylene wax is a solution, PE wax which is always used in the industry, has increased the demand for PE wax and the […]

PE wax for PVC application

The polyethylene waxes that exist in different models are different due to the difference in the material used in polyethylene wax. Each of these PE wax takes on different prices depending on the quality of the polyethylene wax. Polyethylene wax is used in various industry and sold in various polyethylene wax markets. In this article, […]

PE wax supplier in china

PE wax supplier in china Supplying PE wax is one of the important goals of Pitaris Company, which is active in the field of producing various types of polyethylene wax and is trying to expand the best quality products in East Asia due to China’s high volume PE wax of consumption in the plastics. Pitaris […]

hdpe wax supplier

hdpe wax supplier Pitaris company is a manufacturer of Polyethylene Wax and hdpe wax in the Middle East, one of the most popular products is hdpe wax, which is produced with the best quality for industries and traders There are a variety of methods for producing PE wax. Polyethylene wax can be made by direct […]

PE wax price market

PE wax price market According to the per capita consumption PVC , it is possible to increase the importance of the consumption of PE wax market, which increases the per capita consumption of PE wax price . Economists believe that the volume of the PE wax price market will jump by 4.5% per year by […]

xlpe black granola manufacturer in china

Xlpe black granola manufacturer in china Cross-linked polyethylene, which is trademark xlpe , XLPE insulated cables are ideal for transmitting higher voltage without hindrance or compromise to its effectiveness. Thanks to their remarkable insulation properties, XLPE insulated cables surpass other alternative insulation materials like Silicon rubbers, and even Ethylene Propylene Rubber, EPR. The list of  […]

xlpe black in china

xlpe black in china Cross-linked polyethylene(xlpe) ,xlpe black china Used in cable industries and cable factories xlpe black Insulated Steel Wire Armored PVC Sheathed YJV32 Power Cables, copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PVC inner sheath, steel wire armoured, PVC out sheath, U0/U: 0.6/1kV. It applies to electrical power transmission and distribution lines with AC rated voltage U0/U up to and including […]

PE wax price market

PE wax price market China is known as the largest country in the field of consumption of PE wax and plastic industry PE wax is one of the additives in the plastics industry and is used as a process aid in the plastics industry. It is very important to know and study the PE wax […]