Best pe wax scg for export

PE WAX scg is polyethylene homopolymer wax, an first-rate and constant ingredient for give up formulations to improve product bodily look and thermal residences for a extensive variety of industries, inclusive of warm soften adhesives, PVC, colour masterbatches, rubber and thermoplastics avenue markings, and so forth.

Best pe wax scg for export

What is the best pe wax scg

What is the best pe wax scgSynthetic polyethylene wax is produced in two emulsion and non – emulsion grades . The difference between the two grandes is in their molecular mass . Which is usually 2000 to 4000 with a molecular mass . These PE waxes can act as activators and diffusers in polypropylene and ABS PE . This type of wax is med in PVC external lubricant.

The purity of the synthetic waxes is much higher than other types of PE Waxes produced by by – products dating HP production , Because wakes made from HDPE by – products contain significant amounts of catalysts , residual solvents, oligomers , and other residues , such as water that result from the high – molecular – weight polyetylowe production processHowever , in addition to high purity , synthetic PE Waxes have much better lubricant  performance does to their narrow molecular mass and uniform melting point . As a result , the maximum production rate of these materials during the extra processcan be increased by about 30 %.

In the formulation of PVC compound , both soft and hard , if the transparency of the final product is of importance , this type of wax can be used up to a maximum of 0.4phr . phr 5 phr can be used in formulation.

PE WAX is derived from SCG’s unique HDPE production process with the use of advanced technology in a closed loop refinery. Our products are produced under a careful control to ensurea narrow range of variability in their properties and achieve consistent product quality. Our productsalso play an important role in adjusting the melting point, flowability, and hardness of the end formulation as well as improving its physical and lubricity properties. Our products are available in powder and flake forms for excellent compounding and convenient handling in various applications.

Famous pe wax scg exporters

Famous pe wax scg exportersin Polyethylene wax PE wax of Chemicals Business, SCG polyethylene wax is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in Thailand and a key industry leader in Asia. We offer a full array of petrochemical products ranging from upstream productions of olefins to downstream productions of three main plastics resins: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Widely recognized for superior product quality as well as for world-class operation efficiency, we have joint ventures with a number of the world’s leading chemical companies, including The Dow Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemical can tell us for more information.

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