E914 Polyetylene Wax on Sale at Great Prices

Polyethylene wax is one of the most common external lubricants. Polyethylene wax is a type of polyethylene-based wax that is insoluble at ordinary temperatures in organic solvents but soluble at higher temperatures in aliphatics, chlorine hydrocarbons, and most non-polar solvents. e914 polyethylene wax is a colorless,  clear, crystalline solid. Heavy wax polyethylene has a linear structure and is produced with low and medium pressure.

Wholesale distributors of e914 polyethylene wax

Wholesale distributors of e914 polyethylene wax is one of the requirements of polyethylene wax business. That is, there should always be people called wholesalers who buy a product at a wholesale price from a factory or manufacturer and put it in their warehouses and sell it to retailers at a price that benefits them. As you know, if you buy a product in bulk, it will cost you less.

Polyethylene wax is usually produced in two types, emulsion and non-emulsion. The difference between the two types is in their molecular mass and their molecular mass is between 2000 and 4000.

polyethylene wax solubility has less resistance and flexibility than other polyethylene, but its resistance to chemicals and brittle environmental stresses is high. This type of polyethylene wax is the most widely used type of polyethylene in the world. It can act as a diffuser and activator in polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS.

E914 polyethylene wax powder for sale at cheap price

Regarding the price of E914 polyethylene wax powder, it can be said that it depends on the raw materials used and the wax production and quality devices This means that the better the raw materials used and the better the waxing and quality machines, the higher the price.

oxidized polyethylene wax is one of the by-products of the polyethylene production process. Ethylene gas is dissolved in hexane and polymerized by a catalyst in a three-phase reactor.

This operation has two main and secondary currents. In the main current, the polymer enters the reactor output with a little solvent and in the sub-current of the wax with a little solvent.

Another type of polyethylene wax is pp wax melting point obtained by breaking the linear polyethylene molecular chain. These materials are produced with high purity and narrow chain length distribution. In this method, after the production of wax from polyethylene in the complementary process of polar groups, it reacts with wax chains and produces polar wax, which is used in various industries of paint, polymer and veneer.

Another of its most widely used uses is the production of polyethylene wax emulsions, which are very economical. The word wax is basically a variety of organic matter that is solid at room temperature, but becomes liquid when exposed to higher temperatures.

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