Famous Polyetyhylene Wax Liquid Producers in 2020

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Famous Polyetyhylene Wax Liquid Producers in 2020

Liquid Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Applications

Liquid Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Applications The wax emulsion is a low molecular weight polyethylene polymer with low melting and freezing points. Wax emulsion is a useful method of coating a product with a waxy coating.

Polyethylene wax solubility is low. The solubility is lower with polymethyl methacrylate, polystyrene, ABS, PVC, etc. it is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons.

Wax emulsion application are as follow:

  • It is used in the production of paper and cardboard.
  • It is also used in the production of chipboard and insulation panels.
  • It is used to reduce the loss of moisture in fruits and extend their storage life. It also gives fruits a shiny appearance.
  • It is used in the production of gypsum board, fiberboard and chipboard.  The wax emulsion imparts waterproof properties to the fibers in the board.

What are the types of wax? Different types of waxes are used for the production of wax emulsions. Wax types are as follow:

  • Paraffin wax emulsions
  • Polyethylene wax emulsions
  • Microcrystalline wax emulsions
  • Semi-microcrystalline wax emulsions
  • Wax emulsions can vary in hydrocarbon type, refractive index and viscosity.

The intended use of wax is to obtain a product with good mechanical stability and long service life. To fully meet its intended use, the wax must have a homogeneous structure of small particles. There are many formulations in the literature for wax emulsions. To determine the best formulation, the type of wax and the area of ​​application are important.

Demand for polyethylene wax liquid on global market

Demand for polyethylene wax liquid on global market some countries have used synthetic materials and paraffin wax to produce microcrystalline wax substitutes. The output value of blended wax in the United States has accounted for 33% of the output value of all petroleum wax products.

Experts predict that the early part of the century will be the era of paraffin-based crude oil. The crude oil produced in the United States, the Middle East and other places is lean wax crude oil.

Some paraffin and lubricating oil installations have been shut down one after another, and the production of lubricating oil is changed to the hydroisomerization dewaxing process. In the next few years, the output of microcrystalline wax in the United States may not only not increase, but may also decrease.

Polyethylene wax is widely used.  In the future, production technology should be further improved. Level, improve product quality, and reduce production costs to meet the actual domestic production needs.

The production process of polyethylene wax differs depending on the source of raw materials, resulting in large differences in product quality and use, resulting in uneven products on the market, affecting the improvement of the industry’s overall technology.

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