High quality PE wax uses

The PE wax uses in PVC processing does not affect the melting stress and softening point of Vicat and has a very good resistance for blocking and controlling the flow compared to fatty acid oils. PE wax can be used in special processing methods to control melting. Even with a large amount of additives, it can be well compatible with other ingredients. PE wax is the only known plastic lubricant that combines internal lubrication and external lubrication (mold release effect), while maintaining high transparency and having almost no effect on gelatinization. 

High quality PE wax uses

Identify pe wax different uses

Identify pe wax different uses Oxidized polyethylene wax uses in many industries but is mainly used for PVC foam panel, PVC foam profile, PVC pipe, PVC cable, PVC window profiles and more.

PE wax is an internally lubricant with good polymer compatibility that plays an important role in reducing the coherence of polymer molecules inside the polymer, thereby improving the heat of internal friction and melting flow of the plastic product.

The role of polyethylene vaccines as external lubricants is primarily to modify polymer melting friction with hot metal surface of hardware metals.

It has poor compatibility with polymers and migrates easily from liquid to form a lubricating layer at the metal-to-metal melting interface.

Oxidised polyethylene wax is used as:

  • Act as lubricant, costaving agent and free agent in extruding, calendering, injection, injection, PE molding, PP and other plastics.
  • Act as dispersant for masterbatches, pigments, carbon black, additives for parenting materials, filling parenting materials and other pigments.
  • Applied to hot melt minerals.
  • As additive for second hand shoes, floor wax, car wax, polishing wax, utensils, tablet wax, paint, coating, cable, carbon paper, wax paper, fabric softener agent etc.
  • Additive for rubber process and stainless machine and so on

Best pe wax suppliers

Best pe wax suppliers The best suppliers of pe wax strive to deliver this product with the highest quality and best price on the market.

Today, polyethylene wax is known as polymer wax and has many uses in various industries. In addition, low fluctuations in polyethylene vaccines are of the utmost importance for strengthening and freezing vacuum.

It is widely used due to its high resistance to cold, heat resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

Our PE wax is for lubricants with good lubrication performance and has gained a good reputation from customers at home and abroad.

This widely used product has many buyers not only in Iran but also in foreign countries and is the best option for export.

The main buyers of this product are the importing countries that mainly buy all kinds of products from Iran. 

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