Oxidized pe wax applications in the world

In general, polyethylene wax is a odorless, colorless and solid material that has a linear structure. Oxidized pe wax applications are used in various industries around the world. The most important use of this material is due to its lubricating properties, which are used in various cases. For example, one of its uses is that it separates the melt from the metal. Another application is for example, it lubricates the surface between metal and PVC. In addition, this material has a great effect on the gloss of the product and makes it more polished.

Oxidized pe wax applications in the world

oxidized pe wax identification tips

oxidized pe wax identification tips In the following, we will explain the points of identifying quality oxidized wax.

High quality polyethylene wax is one of the by-products of the polyethylene production process and polymerization is performed in a three-phase reactor with a catalyst.

This operation consists of two parts: in one part the polymer comes with a little solvent and in the other part the wax enters the output with a little solvent. Oxidized polyethylene wax as a potential carbon used in many cases.

There is another type of polyethylene production that is obtained by using the linear polyethylene chain failure method. These materials make the final product more pure and the chain thinner.

One of the characteristics of polyethylene wax is that it is solid at room temperature, but when exposed to higher temperatures and exposed to higher temperatures and heat, it comes out of the solid state and becomes liquid. Be.

As the temperature rises, it expands, and as the temperature decreases, it shrinks and shrinks. In general, changes in temperature play an important role in their appearance, and increasing the temperature makes them more flexible. Another feature of the best polyethylene wax is that it is insoluble in water.

Wax manufacturers classify waxes in terms of purity. Artificial waxes have been on the market for decades. Polyethylene waxes are low molecular weight polyethylene that have characteristics similar to waxes.

Best oxidized pe wax applications in the world

Best oxidized pe wax applications in the world The best uses of oxidized wax in the world are given below. Polyethylene wax has many applications, the most important of which are:

  • Used in the production of special plastic products for packaging various products
  • Used in the production of gas pressure pipes
  • In the production of various types of tires
  •  In the production of wooden floors
  • There are many users in the paint and crayon industry
  • And the last use is in polishing all kinds of fruits and citrus fruits.

The oxidized polyethylene wax market size is increasing due to the high sales volume of this product.

The main goal of producing first-class polyethylene is to achieve a high level of health in the field of packaging food and health products.

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