Polyethylene Wax Ac 6 Grade for Sale

Polyethylene Wax Ac 6 Grade for Sale can be purchased in bulk from a reputable dealer. The special features make this product a versatile product. In this article, we will become more familiar with this product.

Polyethylene Wax Ac 6 Grade for Sale

Applications of ax 6 polyethylene wax

Applications of ax 6 polyethylene wax Polyethylene wax is a synthetic wax that offers many benefits over petroleum or paraffin waxes. It is often used as a processing agent or to improve surface properties, and comes in a wide range of formulations including micro-sized waxes, powders, and granules rated for fine air, dispersions, and emulsions.

Hybrid waxes combine polyethylene waxes with other waxes such as natural sugar cane waxes and Fischer-Tropsch waxes. applications of ac 6 polyethylene waxes are as follow:

  • Hot Melting (increasing the solidification point of the adhesives, without increasing the viscosity of the mixture, improving the behavior of the Hot Melts at high temperatures)
  • Pigment and filler dispersion (Masterbatch)
  • Paper coating (improving gloss and flexibility, achieving high quality finishes).
  • Process aids to promote the processability of rubber and PVC mixtures, among others.
  • Ink and toner manufacturing 
  • Paraffin mix additives 
  • Cable filler products
  • Asphalt additives
  • Emulsions 
  • Textile
  • Polishing and polishing pastes
  • Candles (providing greater hardness and thermal resistance)

Honeywell coatings provides a comprehensive range of AC oxidized polyethylene wax products, providing high-performance additives for various applications such as adhesives, PVC heat stabilizers, plastics and coating formulations.

Honeywell AC waxes high-performance additives can be formulated to help you achieve higher product performance, cost savings and improve manufacturing efficiency. As one of the most comprehensive polyethylene wax product series in the world, AC additives can provide functions for a variety of formulations.

Low density polyethylene wax on sale at cheap price

Low density polyethylene wax on sale at cheap price AC polyethylene wax has a specific molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, and the structure is stable.

its unique structure makes it have excellent lubricating properties, processing fluidity and dispersion properties for pigments and fillers, which can bring excellent products for plastic processing Surface gloss. 

Honeywell AC polyethylene wax product line includes polyethylene homopolymers, ethylene-vinyl acetate, ethylene- acrylic acid and other copolymers, ionomers, etc.

Honeywell is used in almost all color concentrate systems of many polymers including PE, PP, PS, PA, PC, ABS, PET, PBT and SAN There are good performances. 

polyethylene adds the following advantages to formulators: 

  • improves the dispersion characteristics of organic and inorganic colorants and pigments that are difficult to disperse
  • enhances pigment coloring strength, and saves costs
  • improves pigment dispersion At the same time
  • it ensures the filling characteristics of pigments
  • compatibility with polyolefins and other engineering thermoplastics, easy processing, and improved productivity.

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