Price of Polyethylene Wax Thainland 2020

polyethylene wax thailand is one of the simplest and cheapest polymers. Solid polyethylene is waxy and inactive. This material is obtained from ethylene polymerization and is abbreviated as PE.Polyethylene was first accidentally synthesized by the German chemist Hans Von Pechmanv. In 1898, while heating de Azumotan, he synthesized a white waxy compound later called polyethylene. Thai polyethylene wax thailand is one of its types.

Price of Polyethylene Wax Thainland 2020

Buying tips about polyethylene wax

Buying tips about polyethylene wax When buying polyethylene wax powder, we must be careful that the pe wax solubility is not too high and not too low.polyethylene wax production is in most countries using various facilities and technologies.

It should be noted that depending on the type of use of the wax, its price may be priced, as well as the points that should be made in When buying, pay attention to it to be different. So we need to buy a wax that can meet our needs.

Polyethylene Wax is used to improve processability and also increase the properties of manufactured products in petrochemical downstream industries such as industrial polymer manufacturing industries, PVC additives, HOT MELT adhesives and plastic industries, in rubber industry and production of masterbatch types, paper industry, paraffin, Candle making, cable making, cosmetics are also used as additives as an external lubricant in plastics, for example in the processes of clearing, extrusion and PVC injection, and in addition to domestic use, export capability to Southeast Asian countries and It has Turkey.

Price range of polyethylene wax thailand

Price range of polyethylene wax thailand Therefore, experts and analysts at the petrochemical market are likely to estimate the price of polymer products if demand conditions pass the current trend and there is no positive outlook for increasing demand in global markets and the US-China trade war does not reach peace. 

On the other hand, US anti-dumping in the European, African and Turkish markets, as well as the high volume of Chinese stockpiles, is a warning to the Iranian petrochemical market, because with the increase of American polymers in these markets, Iran’s export volume will decrease.

Meanwhile, the main export market for Iranian polymer products has always been China, and about 40 to 50 thousand tons of polymer products are sent to this market on a monthly basis.

Examining information and data in global markets and events and indicators in economic fields around the world can bring us closer to major global recessions such as 2008, and it seems that in late 2019 and early 2020 the world economy will suffer. Be the longest-running recession.

However, the oil market is not optimistic about the outlook for the global economy, and this is one of the main reasons for the decline in the price of this commodity. It is the main consumer of oil, especially China.

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